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This is a warning: Today’s blog is about professional wrestling. I’m taking time out to talk about one of my passions in life. I’m probably not going to mention Stout Apparel. Just because I don’t mention Stout Apparel, doesn’t mean that you should not browse this site, and purchase a few articles of Stout Apparel. Thank You and please continue reading or visit the Stout Apparel  Shop page.


If I think back my introduction to football was maybe the “’85 Bears and the Super Bowl Shuffle or “The Refrigerator.” I don’t really remember. I can associate baseball with Darryl Strawberry because as a child I loved strawberries. Magic Johnson was my introduction to basketball. Prince & Michael Jackson were my introductions to music. And if you never saw Lynda Carter as Wonder Woman you missed out on something special. I had a huge crush on Wonder Woman, and she was my introduction to the opposite sex. But none of the above compare to wrestling and Hulk Hogan.

The year was 1984.The place was Baton Rouge, Louisiana. A  3 year old Geoffrey was introduced to a 6’7 man who weighed 303 pounds from Venice Beach, California who was called “Hulk Hogan.”  His words:”Train, Say Your Prayers & Eat Your Vitamins.” Sounded good to me so I did them. He was larger than life, he yelled at the  TV, he ripped his shirt off, and I was hooked instantly!

Hulk Hogan is my idol! There is something about hearing the music, seeing the red and yellow that puts me in a trance. If I watch a match I know every move he is going to do, I know every word he is going to say, and I still enjoy it like I have never seen or heard it before. If I hear that Hulk is on something/anything I have to watch it.  In this world we like to call people heroes. Heroes always win right? Well Hulk Hogan in the 1980’s ALWAYS won. I thought he was indestructible.

That was the 80’s because  April 1st, 1990 will always be a horrible day to me because its the day that “The Ultimate Warrior” pinned Hulk Hogan. I ran to my room jumped on my bed and cried. Little did I know Hulk would lose a lot in the 90’s. I also had no idea that my beloved idol would “flip” and become a villain. So “The Immortal” Hulk Hogan became “Hollywood” Hulk Hogan. He lied, cheated, cursed, and I loved it! Hulk was a great hero and a great villain…Well played my friend.

Over the past few years Terry Gene Bollea has had some rough years. Numerous surgeries, a divorce, his son being incarcerated, and his daughter’s horrible music career have not been the best things to happen to him. Tabloids and newspapers have ripped his life to shreds. There is a generation of wrestling fans who know who he is, but that’s about it. Then he puts on the red & yellow, the music starts playing, and he transforms into Hulk Hogan and all is right with the world.

In life there are way too many things to take serious. So to make things easier we watch sports. We go to the movies. We attend plays. Well I watch wrestling. There is nothing like seeing someone get the hell beat out of them by 5 people, only to have 1 person run from the back and beat up all 6 people. Yes its over the top. Yes its scripted. No they don’t hit each other all the time. I don’t care. I am still a fan of professional wrestling to this day 30 years later. Ask me a wrestling question and  I will talk and talk and talk. Say anything bad about wrestling and I will probably never talk to you again. Do not call, text,email or visit me on Monday night’s between 8:00pm & 11:15pm I’m watching Monday Night Raw. I travel around the country to live events. I wear belts & t-shirts. I have numerous DVD’s. I’ve been addicted since 1984 and I don’t plan on stopping anytime soon.

As a child the best feeling in the world was to come from school and see wrestling tickets waiting for me. Well on April 5th 2014 at 8:00am I will be at  the New Orleans Morial Convention Center. On that day I will get to meet Hulk Hogan. I will look him in his eyes and tell him thank you.And the next night I along with 85,000 other fans will be in the Super Dome attending WrestleMania XXX. Waiting and anticipating  Hulk Hogan to come out so we can all show our respect and admiration for the man that gave the wrestling business so much. And he will “Hulk” it up and the crowd will go crazy. I will yell, cheer, clap and it will feel like 1984 all over again.



Geoffrey Johnson

Hulkamanic For Life

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