Stop Wishing…Start Doing!

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I’m back. I took an extended vacation, because I believe in being honest. And in all honesty I had nothing interesting to say. So instead of sitting here and typing something just to type I decided to sit back and wait until I had something to say.

Let me introduce you to the phrase I hate the most in life and I hear it all the time.This phrase really drives me crazy, I mean it can kill my whole mood. (“Must Be Nice” is a close second. I’ll tackle that in another blog.)

“I wish”

Nothing infuriates me more than hearing “I wish.” A few months ago I was having a conversation and I was about to say “I wish I had the answers.” I stopped myself mid sentence and said “I’m going to figure out a way to get the answers.” I stopped wishing a long time ago. I make sh*t happen. Excuse my language, but its the truth. If I’ve said it, I’ve done it. If I haven’t been there yet, I’m going.  I knew a female back in college who used to say all the time “Make It Happen.” This was usually said after she asked  told you to do something. Now back then I thought she was rude as hell for saying it. I still think she was rude as hell for saying it, but I find myself saying it all the time. I believe if you want something bad enough you “Make It Happen.”

Desire-Action =Wishing

“I wish I had money”…Earn Some

“I wish I could go on vacation”…Do It

“I wish I had a new car”…Buy One

Yes my answers seem simple. Someone is probably saying right now “Its not that easy.” Well guess what? Nothing in life is easy. Ask anyone who’s ever accomplished anything how easy it was. So if you want something bad enough, stop wishing and start doing.Wishing is easy because it requires no work. I was told last week the paths that we walk on are hard in order to support our journey. If they were soft we would sink, and perhaps we wouldn’t make it to where we should be. So it is not going to be easy, but its so worth it!

In late 2011 I was having a conversation and I said “Stay Stout” someone should put that on a shirt.” Then it hit me “Someone? (insert profanity) someone! I should do it.” “Stay Stout” became “STOUT: Who Doesn’t Love A Curvy Girl.” Three months later I quit my job and focused on Stout Apparel full time. Here I am almost three years later still standing. Its has been hard. I’ve had screwed up print jobs. I have a box full of damaged goods I can’t sell. I’ve had weeks, sometimes months when I sold absolutely nothing! It would be so easy to say “Oh wow I wish I could sell everything in my inventory, that would be great!” Instead I say “Alright what can I do to make sure I get what I want.”  Is it tough?…yes! Do I want to quit at times?…yes! Do I question myself?…yes! Do I wish things could be better?…NO I WISH NOTHING, AND WORK FOR EVERYTHING!

Had I only wished you would not be reading this right now. So “Stop Wishing! Start Doing!

For me: Desire + Action = Stout Apparel

For You: Desire +Action =?

Feel Free to let me know in the comments below.

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