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This is a picture of my mother when she was a senior in high school in 1973.I know I usually have a blog for ya’ll on Thursday, but I took a day off for a reason. Today April 18th is my mother’s birthday, so I stumbled upon something that I wrote about her in March of 2011. She passed away in September of 2011 so I added a  few changes. Even though she is no longer here I thank her everyday for all she taught me.

June 2009

Her:“Do you love me?”

Me:“More than I love Sonic.”

Her:“Wow! That’s a lot because you really love Sonic.”


We had a connection unlike any other. I can’t explain it, nor do I try to.  She didn’t explain it nor should she have had to. You might think you know…but you have no idea. We fought, we disagreed, we bickered..but no matter what we were there for each other.  We inspired each other. She still inspires me to be great. Not by society’s viewpoints, but  by my own. “Be whatever you want to be, but be great at it.” I inspired her to be strong(er), but the human body can only take so much. “Don’t go out like this….you kick and scream and give it all you’ve got .”


32(33 tomorrow) years have passed and our relationship continues to grow stronger, even though she is no longer physically with me. As I have grown from a child to a man. I am thankful for everything. Thankful for not being able to go to a school dance. Thankful for being forced to go to the bank after school instead of home to watch TV. Thankful for the black belt on the closet door that never was worn, except when it wore my a** out! Thankful for the struggle. Thankful for the hugs. Thankful for life. “You’re not are God’s..I’m only here to take care of you while you are on this Earth.”


 Some of us go searching for heroes , not realizing we need not search far. Provider,disciplinarian,instructor,role-model,inspiration,confidant, friend. There is no single person on this Earth that has done, does, or will do more for me. The ways cannot be described.  We did not say “I Love You” every time we talked, not even everyday..not even every time we see each other. It was was and still is well known.


I’ve made mistakes, I’ve disappointed, I’ve failed. I’ve been forgiven, I’ve been helped, I’ve been nurtured.  I’ve been blessed beyond belief.  She was 5 feet 7 inches and a pure hell raiser if need be.   A 5 feet 7 inch lady who was caring, loving, and extremely thoughtful always.  Pushover…no not at all. “Geoffrey I’m gon beat the s*** out of you.”  Cooperative always. “I’m going to help you out..we’re going to figure this out together.”  I owe it all to her. I love her. I respect her. I cherish her. Although I miss her, I will never be without her..because I am a part of her.


Geoffrey Johnson

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