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The bench press is probably the most intimidating thing for me in the gym. Sometimes I just lay there holding the bar, then I say to myself “It’s not going to lift itself.” One of two things happen, either I lift it or I don’t. Well in my world only one thing happens,I lift it. Now I might not lift it as many times as I wanted or as much weight as I wanted, but I make the effort. Effort goes a long way!

Effort as defined by Merriam-Webster Online(I haven’t seen a real dictionary in years!):

  •  work done by the mind or body : energy used to do something
  •  a serious attempt to do something
  •  something produced by work

What I’ve noticed is that everyone has good intentions, and some make a good effort. I’m not judging anyone at all. If you know me I’m one of the biggest procrastinators ever made. I also get bored at things and will quit at any point and revisit later. What I’ve had to do in the last few years is put on my big boy pants and make an effort to do things I don’t want to do in order to accomplish the things I want. I’m actually challenging myself to write this in a certain amount of time(I have 19 minutes to go). Making an effort!

Most people I talk to probably hate when I mention effort. Anyone I work out with really hates it when I mention effort. But I’ve come to learn that doing more than usual will get you so many more results, all by merely putting forth a little effort. It drives me crazy when I watch basketball and after a shot is taken the person just stands there admiring it. If you follow the shot even if you miss, you might have the chance to score again. Make an effort!

The biggest crime you can commit against yourself is not giving a full effort and being comfortable with the results.  That’s like ordering a pie and only getting half of it made. You would complain to the baker of course. But what if the baker responded with “I didn’t feel like baking the rest.” Could you really be mad at them if you thought of all the times you didn’t give a full effort? If you don’t want the baker to cheat you, don’t cheat yourself. Make an effort!

Trust me when I say this. The more effort you give others will notice and admire. You might even inspire someone or they may be able to help you. You never know unless you give 100%, not to mention you will feel better about yourself. So I challenge all who read this to give more effort than they have at something or all things. Trust me you and others will notice the difference. Make an effort!

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I finished with 2 minutes to go…see what effort does!



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