Life Is Like A Bowl Of Oranges

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Earlier this week, I made an impromptu drive down 95 South. My destination was the “Smallest Church In America.” Now, based upon this name, there was obviously not much to see after about 3 minutes or so. I then hopped back onto the highway and thought, “I wonder what’s going on in Jacksonville?” I live in Savannah, Georgia which is in Southeast Georgia, so the ride to Jacksonville is about 2 hours. I drive a lot, so 2 hours was nothing to me. Once I crossed the Florida border I saw a sign for citrus fruit. I love fruit and I was in Florida, so of course I was going to stop and buy some fruit on the way back.

So I made it to Jacksonville, stayed a short(and I mean very short)time before proceeding back to the “Florida Citrus Center.” I took the last/first exit in Florida depending on which direction you’re coming from and pulled into the parking lot. I was thoroughly impressed with their selection of citrus fruit and even more impressed with the live baby alligators and decorative alligator heads. The best part of all was the free samples of orange juice. I ended up picking up the largest bag of oranges that I swear weighed 20 pounds and headed back up 95 after listening to Brandy, the cashier speak on identity fraud.

My “fruit voyage” as I now refer to it was a spur of the moment, as I mentioned earlier, but sometimes in life you have to be random. You have to go farther,do more, and see more to find things that you really want. I could have easily gone to my local grocery store and gotten some oranges and been back home in about 30 minutes max. Instead, I spent 4 hours on the highway enjoying the scenery, clearing my mind, and listening to R&B albums of the mid 90s.  By stepping out of my comfort zone and doing something completely random I found myself in a place that gave me something I wanted.

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