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So I’m not going to say much today. My schedule is jam packed, and if you’re asking why refer to last week’s blog. But a series of events happened this morning that provided me with much needed inspiration.

One of the best feelings in the world is hearing a song you absolutely love randomly play somewhere. You could be having the worst day ever, and then you hear the beat drop and instantly feel 1000% better.This entire week I’ve been dealing things that have managed to upset me. I kept it cool until this morning, when I had an internal swearing fest. Everything from Monday-8:11am today just pushed me over the edge. So I played “Off The Wall” as loud as I could and let all that anger evaporate.So this morning before I could have the worst day ever, I decided to take away the random chance and purposely make my day 1000% better.

So this brings me to “Happy”. At least once a day I see someone mention this song, quote a lyric, or I hear it myself. Allow me to vent for a second please. I hate the song “Happy.” I hate the words. I hate the melody. The hate the way Pharrell sounds. I hate when I hear it. Now that I’ve gotten all of the hate out of the way I have to say that I LOVE the way it makes others feel. People are genuinely happy, and that’s great. We need more happy people. Everyday too many people are unhappy. Now I know that life is hard, but we can all find at least 1 thing a day to find joy in. So “clap along if you feel like a room without a roof.” I can’t believe I just said that.

At several points in my life I was an unhappy person. Then one day I said “You know this being mad thing isn’t working. I need to switch some things up.” Now when I feel it coming on, I reach for the iPod. There is no need to go through life constantly being unhappy. When I say happy I mean really happy. Not just a song you like, a song that you love! I’m talking smiling and laughing! If you do a little two step or clap your hands that’s cool too. Whatever it takes to make you “Enjoy yourself, groove, and let the madness in the music get to you.” Because” Life ain’t so bad at all.”

What song do you listen to that instantly puts you in a good mood?

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