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I should have called this the blog that never ends, or maybe the blog that never starts. I have attempted to write this at least 4 different times, and say the same thing at least 4 different ways. I think a huge part of my hesitation was thinking of the “right” words to say. I need to get my point across but I have so many ideas and thoughts. Oh well let’s see where this adventure takes us! A series of events unfolded last Saturday night and earlier this week that I will use as inspiration.

In my lifetime I’ve learned that you cannot please everyone. You can try as hard as you might, but someone will not like something that you do, say, or believe in. Well on Saturday I ran across that person on Instagram. And if you haven’t already done so follow me stout_apparel on Instagram and @LikeEmStout on Twitter. Now I won’t get into details, but I will reveal just a few of the words used in reference to Stout Apparel: Silly,Disappointed,Fruitless. My responses to not 1, but 2 posts were polite and professional. Most people understand, some don’t and I explain it more thoroughly then they understand it as well. This was the rare time my explanation wasn’t good enough. On one hand I have to explain why “I only go up to 2XL” and then on the other hand I have to explain why “I have small sizes”

Then on Tuesday I stumbled upon an article written about Hayley Hasslehoff in which she said that “plus size means curvy.” The comments regarding the article were thought provoking, funny, cruel, and contradictory.After reading it I began to look up key words,curvy, plus size, full figured, and of course stout. I have placed the definitions below. I then asked myself these questions. “If there is a plus size, why is there not a minus size?” “If there is a full figure, is there a half figure?” This led me to thinking about definitions and perceptions.

Curvy-Having many curves

Plus Size-(Of clothing or people) of a size larger than the normal range.

Full Figured-(Of women’s clothing) designed for large women.

Stout-(see picture below) Visit shop page for larger picture 🙂


The picture above is our dFINE shirt. I found other definitions of stout, but I used my own. I defined the word myself, because its what I see and its what I believe.We could sit here all day and go back and forth about who is this, and who is that. We could debate who fits into this section, and who doesn’t. We could argue why I have Small and 2XL. We can also agree. We can agree that no 2 people are shaped alike. We can agree that clothing fits everyone differently. We can agree that as long as we are happy with ourselves then it doesn’t matter what we are called. I’ll say it over and over “We’re not a plus-sized line and we’re not an average-sized line…We are “right sized” just for you!

When you wear Stout Apparel no one says “Why is she wearing that?” Nor do they say “Oh that’s not her”. Its more like “I like your shirt” and I hope you follow up with “Thanks I got it at”

I was told when I was 17 “They broke the mold when they made you.” I can say now at 32 “Damn Right They Did” I broke the mold when I came up with an idea for 1 shirt saying “Stout: Who Doesn’t Love A Curvy Girl”  I broke the mold when I left my “9-5”  because I really did not want to do it, and I had faith that I would succeed working for myself. I break the mold every day by not fitting into any particular label.

The best part about writing is that sometimes you have all the ideas about how and where you are going to start, but when you get to the end you have no idea how you got there. Yep that’s how I’m feeling right now, because I was totally going somewhere completely different in all 4 times I started this. I really hope it makes sense!

You can continue to let others define you, or you can join me in breaking molds and having fun while doing it


Geoffrey Johnson

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