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I am a creature of habit. I like to do things the same way as often as possible. Sometimes when I get thrown off even a small bit it effects everything else. Well yesterday was one of those days for me. Now I’m going to sit here and complain about how everything went wrong and blah blah blah. No hopefully I make you laugh and encourage you at the same time.

I go to the gym 3-4 times a week from 2:00pm-4:00pm every week no matter what. Now for those of you saying “How does he have 2 hours free time in the middle of the day?” I own/run my own business, so I answer to myself. I like to think of it as my lunch hour plus another hour I would have wasted working for someone else either texting, Tweeting, Facebooking, or Instagramming. So rather than waste my own time I try to get healthy. Well yesterday I completely lost track of time and didn’t make it to the gym until about 4:40pm. I walked in,weighed myself and noticed a young lady I had never seen before behind me. I carry a water jug everywhere I go and the water in the gym is exceptional. So I filled my jug, tied my shoes and proceeded to get on a treadmill as usual. The young lady I noticed earlier was starting to warm up on the treadmills as well.There was an open treadmill right next to her, it was by an open window, and no fan was on. As we like to say around these parts she was “stout” which made it even better. Added up these were ideal conditions for me so I hopped on and started to warm up. It only goes downhill from this point on.

I’m usually in my own world, headphones on(am I the only person who still calls them headphones?), stretching, and looking out of the window as I start my walk/jog. Well I decided to stray from the norm, and glanced over to see what number she was walking on. I think she noticed me because she adjusted her numbers and starting jogging. Well I waited about 2 more minutes then I started jogging. I know myself and this was way too early for me to start jogging, but I cranked my Public Enemy up louder and gave it a try. I walked, then she walked. She jogged, then I jogged. I was not going to let her show me up. 15 minutes in seemed like an hour, but I kept going. I saw her take a sip of water, and thought to myself “Ha I’ve got her now, I don’t drink water until I’m done she’s wearing down.”…NOPE!

20 minutes later I pushed stop, she was still going. My goal was 30 minutes, and I usually can’t wait for it to be over. Yesterday was different, I wanted to keep going. I dug way down deep in myself and as “Fight The Power” was blasting in my ears I kept telling myself, “I am not going to quit, I’m going to do this.” So I walked faster, I jogged longer, and I forgot all about the young lady beside me, because this was about me and how far I could push myself to achieve a goal. The 30 minute mark passed and I didn’t even realize, I was still going strong. I pushed past my goal, and I  was extremely thirsty!

I moved on to the weights, while she still ran/walked on the treadmill. I endured jokes about how I was sweating like crazy, and that my “Culligan Water Jug” needed to be refilled, but I kept my eye on the treadmills. I moved on to my second weight station and she was still on the treadmills. Finally I moved on to my third station, and she was gone. I thought to myself “If I knew she was just going to be on the treadmill for an hour, I would have done my usual.” I didn’t achieve my goal of competing with her, but I competed with myself and I did better than I had ever done before.

I had never seen her, and she had never seen me. Neither of us knew what the other’s workout was. Yet I found myself in competition with someone I didn’t even know. As I look back I can say that it wasn’t about her at all. I wanted to push myself, I wanted to show myself what I could do. Everyday I wake up I have to challenge myself to do more than I did the day before. The moment I become stuck in place, I fail. So there I was miraculously running on this treadmill and sweating like it was 400 Degreez, it felt good and I wanted more. This led me to an epiphany.

I am currently reading “The 10x Rule” by Grant Cardone. In it he says “Aim 10 times higher than you are right now–and if you come up short , you’ll still find yourself further along than if you had maintained your life’s status quo. I am reading this book of course to push Stout Apparel to the next level, but as you have read I’m using the principles in the book to further my entire life. I usually don’t say this, but I was proud of what I had accomplished. I aimed higher, and even though I didn’t get to where I wanted on the treadmill, I was still further along than before.

The book is great by the way, I urge everyone to read it. Who knows you may find yourself on a treadmill running like no tomorrow. In the end I challenged myself, exceeded my goals and consumed 8 cups of water in a 20 minute time period. Not bad to say I had none of that planned.


My Morning Motto:Say More..Do More..Get More..Be More!


Geoffrey Johnson

Owner-Operator Stout Apparel


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