Welcome to Stout, where our products love your curves!

Geoffrey Johnson

I know what you’re probably thinking “Wow, a man is behind Stout Apparel? What does he know about women’s clothing?” Well back in January of 2012, I thought the exact same thing, and honestly the answer was “absolutely nothing”. I had an idea for a shirt with a cool slogan; I had a love for women with curves; and I had a passion to succeed.

Well, that idea became a slogan on a shirt. The love that I had – others loved as well. I saw passion in others regarding what I was doing. Then, the unexpected happened. I became a sounding board for women all over. Some good, some bad. I’m not big enough. I’m not small enough. This won’t fit me. I’m not sure this is for me. This is exactly me. I love this. I need this.

You are not too short or too tall. You are not too big or too small. You are not plus-sized or regular-sized. You are not too curvy nor not curvy enough. If you see something of ours that you like… Get it! Wear it! Own it! Say to yourself I love this and it was made specifically for me! We’re not a plus-sized line and we’re not an average-sized line…We are “right sized” just for you!

So I say to everyone, it’s about shape not size. You make the shirts. You define the shirts. They are all about you. Simply, you are what you are and we support that.


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